The site

Consider this busyEMT 2.0.

From where did busyEMT come?

Originally busyEMT was an open, daily journal of my experiences in paramedic school. It was active between January 2001 and mid 2002. Envisioned as a resource for others pondering paramedicine, it remained available for the world to read. I let the domain name lapse a few years later.

I missed neither one day of paramedic training nor journaling. Totally committed to the idea of being a paramedic and well aware of the requirements, busyEMT was not catharsis. It was done to engage myself with the profession beyond textbooks and skills lab.

Classmates enjoyed the daily postings, showing family in what they were taking part. I also learned, those who missed the occasional day looked to the journal to see what they missed.

To be clear, daily entries contained no cheats or specifics on substance. Instead, busyEMT was about the concepts covered in training paramedics; commaradarie fostered through a shared struggle; documenting the skills of the time; and broadcasting a certain vulnerability as a learner.

Names of classmates were changed. I am sure if I go back and read entries, I could tell you about whom I was speaking. Likewise, having been in healthcare before paramedic school, entries during clinical a were HIPAA-compliant. Again, the purpose of busyEMT was not self-aggrandizement. It was a pseudoadvert for those considering a paramedic career. I was not interested in publicly “chalking up” saves or promoting myself as the coolest soon-to-be paramedic.

Where to from here?

busyEMT will be a blog dedicated to my take on current events, popular ideas and exploration of the future of EMS and healthcare. It is not intended to be updated regularly.